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Kathleen Harryman skilfully takes you on an imaginative, magical adventure through the city of York and into a fantasy world where century’s old magic meets witches, vampires, werewolves and powerful unseen enemies.
Alice, half-vampire, half witch has Polly, her human friend and Jack, a dead ghost. She loves Ethan, the Alpha Wolf, but her family need to protect her at all costs from those out to kill Alice.
Arthur, a moaning, biscuit loving gnome and always wanting to make tea, finds himself torn between his King and Alice. Their battle of wills is a force not to be tangled with.
But from all the heartache and pain of losing her mother, comes a light of hope, an unseen enigma, none could have ever imagined.
With her mysterious staff at her side Alice is ready to rise to the challenge and grow in stature, develop her powers and do battle. It takes great courage to stand up to your enemy. Greater fortitude knowing you could die doing so.
This is great story with any number of twists and turns, and dark secrets, and you are never quite sure what is going to happen next. A thoroughly enjoyable read and I could not put the book down, not until I had read the very last page. I cannot wait for the next book to be published as I feel that for Alice, this is just the beginning of her journey.
Well done Kathleen, you’re a brilliant story-teller. Keep those dreams alive and thank you from one very happy reader.

This book is described by the author as a Vampwitch Novel, it is so much more than that. Vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, ghosts, supernatural beings, humans .....and even a grumpy gnome, what more could you want.
This book has everything and then a little bit more, there are so many different characters and the storyline constantly twists and turns in all directions, you will not know what happens next and you will be compelled to read every last page.
This novel stands out from the crowd and once you start to read it you will not want to put it down. I would highly recommend you to buy this and I am already eagerly awaiting the next installment.


Alice Quinn finds herself in a world she never imagined. It’s populated by vampires, witches, werewolves, fae, demons, ghosts and a very bad-tempered gnome. When Alice discovers that she belongs to this strange and often terrifying world, she wants no part of it. But nothing can change the fact that a demon killed Alice’s mother. Left traumatized by the event, she has to deal with not only her loss and grief, but she has to find a way to fit into her new family. A normal family can be challenging, but Alice’s relatives are anything but normal. With a father and a brother who are vampires and an aunt who’s a witch, Alice is often overwhelmed. Her relatives are powerful and fearsome at times, yet she’s ready to stand up for herself.

What I enjoyed about this intriguing story is the way Alice evolves. She has the courage and strength needed to face her new life. Finding out that she’s half-vampire and witch, she’s rightfully angry that she’s never been told of her true identity. However, she often holds her own in circumstances that are out of control. She’s also smart and willing to learn how to be a valuable part of a family that’s in the middle of a crisis. 

A key element of the story that I found very appealing is how family is there to support Alice’s new and difficult life. There are also lots of action sequences that are very well written and kept me glued to the page. And let’s not forget romance. A very attractive werewolf named Ethan is the perfect guy to keep Alice from being completely consumed by the many dangers she faces. And of course, Ethan is committed to keeping Alice safe if possible.

This is a captivating story with well-defined characters, and a story that has lots of twists and turns. I can easily give it five exciting, and sometimes scary stars. I look forward to book two and finding out what’s next for Alice and her unique, supernatural family

Imagine, after a shocking and tragic event, to learn that you’re not human. Then, before you can let that thought settle, you’re involved in a supernatural world trying to figure out how it all works, how you became who you are, where you fit in, who is on your side, how to cope … and even thrive. (Even readers who aren’t half-vampire and half-witch will be able to relate! :) This is Alice’s world now … not to mention she’s coping with the murder of her mum by a fire demon … and her inability to stop it.

Kathleen Harryman has written an engaging, action-packed packed book, with a cast of eclectic and fascinating characters … many of them family. If you think your family is different … meet Alice’s. For starters, her father and brother are vampires. In order to adapt, Alice has to learn a lot … quickly … and summon up her courage to face situations that she never imagined possible.

One of my favorite parts of this book was the humor (especially the sarcasm) which was beautifully woven into the grand adventure. Fans of fantasy and action should be forewarned that the scenes in this book are beautifully choreographed, therefore, readers may find some of them will just leap off the page. (Stand back! :) 

Mulling over this book as I read it, it was almost like a second coming-of-age story, or maybe a coming-to-be story. But I really liked Alice’s character … found her warm and charming, and therefore I found myself cheering for her.


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