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What if you suddenly found yourself with no memories? Who would you trust? Would you even trust yourself?
“My eyes fly open and I face the frightening fact that my life is a blank.”
‘The Other Side of the Looking Glass’ is Kathleen Harryman’s debut novel; and she seems to have emerged as a fully-formed writer from day one (although she has ‘tweaked’ the manuscript in this latest edition).
With no past and no recollections, Kate’s suspicions steadily grow about the man who claims to be her husband. But she has secrets of her own …
Well-paced and told from different perspectives, this is an artfully-constructed and meaty tale brimming with solid characterisations, incidents and twists.
“Changing the past isn’t an option, so the question remains, what am I going to do about Kate?” muses the protagonist’s controlling husband.
What indeed?
A rattling good read.

When I downloaded this book I didn't know what to expect. One word WOW it was fantastic. I couldnt put it down. A fantastic story really got me gripped. I have now downloaded Kathleen's next book and can't wait to read it and hopefully many more from this author.


Finally, a decent suspenseful thriller that hasn't been given the hard sell and the blurb force fed on you! In my opinion this exciting mystery is as big as any of the major names/titles flooding the psychological/thriller market at the moment and deserves a lot more attention than it's probably receiving.
"The Other Side of The Looking Glass" by Kathleen Harryman was intense, intriguing, well paced and an absolute pleasure to read. It didn't take me long to read it and I found it impossible to put down due to the tension that was created mid way through the story. Without a doubt once you start reading this truly intriguing and entertaining book you'll want to read it all in one sitting anyway. As the story starts to unfold and the pieces of the jigsaw start coming together, the tension and the suspense grows and you start to really fear for the characters lives.
When beautiful Kate wakes up in hospital after falling down some steps she can't remember who she is. Her husband Liam informs her she lives in a luxury mansion with a privileged life and he is going to take her home to recover. She doesn't trust him and instantly dislikes him. However, her ordeal is only just beginning as controlling Liam ensures she dresses and acts to his desires telling her she was always compliant and should still be. But as her memories slowly start to return, is she really Kate, and how far will obsessive Liam go to keep her under his command? With no one to help her she's truly alone. How long can she continue to live as a prisoner in her own home that's controlled by a powerful and dangerous man?
I liked the way the book was set out in chapters of the various characters points of view, it's impossible not to hate Liam, he really is portrayed as an obsessive bully. My favourite character was Jake, a lovely man with a heart to match.
The ending definitely left me with a lump in my throat and I'm pleased that the author chose to end the story that way. 
Although some could say the plot was a little fanciful and far fetched, I would argue that most thrillers are, they are fiction after all, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and as quite a quick read I would happily recommend it to thriller readers young and old but keep in mind that while Kate is under Liam's control it can get distressing. 
The author isn't new to me, her other book "When Darkness Falls" was also brilliantly written with an excellent storyline and with both these stories being set in York - which I'm familiar with - this also added to the enjoyment.
A fabulous 5 stars for superb book.

An incredibly spun tale told through the eyes of several characters. Harryman’s control within the character’s point-of-view created a well developed storyline. The writing was crisp, concise and well-done! Because of that, the book was so realistic as if it was probably ripped out of the headlines. Fantastic work!


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