A beautiful lady wakes up in hospital with no memory of who she is or anything about her life.  Her life is a blank.


Liam is there when she wakes up and says she is his wife, Kate.  He is attractive, well dressed and obviously very wealthy.  However, something makes her distrust him. Why are his eyes so cold? And why doesn't she remember him? As Kate is taken home to her luxury mansion and discovers what her life is like with the controlling Liam, she find her ordeal is only just beginning.  


Then her memory starts to come back and the truth emerges....​


This is a truly exciting tale of subterfuge, mystery, mistaken identity and true love.

Category: Fiction / Romance / Suspense

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 "Finally, a decent suspenseful thriller that hasn't been given the hard sell and the blurb force-fed on you! In my opinion, this exciting mystery is as big as any of the major names/titles flooding the psychological/thriller market at the moment and deserves a lot more attention than it's probably receiving."

"A well written, thought out, intriguing and beguiling story by the author, as told by the characters involved. Twins are not just born with identical looks, they share the same DNA, although for Kate and Chrissie fate has decided upon a set of unexpected circumstances that will alter both the sister’s destiny."


"Nothing short of five stars. I purchased the kindle version of this book and may order the paperback as well. Well written, love the twists! I've read other works from this author and I really enjoy Harryman's writing style. I highly recommend this book. Flows well, nice pace. Can't wait to read the next release from Kathleen Harryman. "