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Life's Echoes is a collection of inspirational poetry, written and designed to awaken your emotions, make you ponder the incredible tapestry of life, and alter your perspective.

Life can be complicated. It fills us with longing, dreams, desires, secrets, love and pain.

The poems in this book were written in a way that no matter where your life takes you, or whatever journey you are on, there is a poem that will resonate deep within you... a poem written just for you.

Poetry is as special as life itself, which is why it brings with it such personal and deep meaning.

Poetry is the very essence of magic.

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Amazon Book Review

Together we’ll find our strength. . .” is a line from one of Kathleen Harryman’s poems. When I read that line I felt that she has given us all a foundation stone for our lives. We are here, shoulder to shoulder, to help each other find our strength. And that is the way of her poetry. In the midst of her sorrow over the heartbreaks she has had, she perseveres. Her poems light the way when we feel burdened and beaten down by life’s many challenges. Beautifully written, these poems clearly come from the heart, and they bring strength to my heart. My thanks go out to this gifted poet.