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“Together we’ll find our strength. . .” is a line from one of Kathleen Harryman’s poems. When I read that line I felt that she has given us all a foundation stone for our lives. We are here, shoulder to shoulder, to help each other find our strength. And that is the way of her poetry. In the midst of her sorrow over the heartbreaks she has had, she perseveres. Her poems light the way when we feel burdened and beaten down by life’s many challenges. Beautifully written, these poems clearly come from the heart, and they bring strength to my heart. My thanks go out to this gifted poet.

As a writer, I know how hard it is to write a poem. You also need a poet's heart/mind to understand them. That's the reason why it's the least favorite genre in the writing field as many won't just bother. The poems here are simple, straight to the point and meaningful. I genuinely liked and appreciated them. First and foremost, the author also deserves credit for just trying, and I am sure that poem lovers will enjoy the book.


A thoughtful poetry collection published by Kathleen Harryman that includes the contributions of other talented poets. Unlike some other poetry books I have read, this one is weighty; it surprised me how many different poems there were inside.

The other unique aspect of the collection is the sketches interspersed throughout the pages. I enjoyed this immensely. 

I also really appreciated how thematically diverse the poems were; for example, in “Red”, the author captures the passionate outrage the speaker expresses towards another person, possibly a former friend or partner. Who among us has not been betrayed at some point in our life? This makes the poem highly relatable. 

As a writer, I could also relate to the poem “Words” in which Harryman aptly captures their power & beauty when she says, “Words are magic”. They certainly are, as demonstrated in this book.

5 stars for a poetry collection I highly recommend for others who enjoy the expression of deep emotion through words & pictures

Kathleen Harryman’s poetry sings the familiar songs of life – love, loss, heartbreak and friendship that shape us into resilient human beings – all find a mention in this book. Her spontaneous style flows like a stream, taking you along with the current to discover the boulders that she hopes to navigate with the support of her loving family. She is lucky to have such friends who “were there” when she needed them to provide her succor, solace and peace. You could relate to many poems like “The Perfect Part of Me,” “News” “Dare to Dream” and “These Hands,” as they seem a chunk of your own joyous or dark moments. 

I could hear the “Whispers in the Wind,” and feel the sadness associated with it. I could visualize the “Guardian Angel” who sat at the edge of the poet’s bed and the “monsters” of ‘Twilight” – such is the power of her poetry. Kathleen’s simple style has a child-like charm that allures even when she is pouring her pain into the words. I finished this book within an hour and felt reassured how emotions and relationships create a calming aura around us.


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