"THERE'S A STORY INSIDE US ALL" This might be true, but for many it’s a story that will never be written. The most obvious reasons for this is time. This is where a ghostwriter can help. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction a ghostwriter can bring your story to life.

This is your story, and therefore it is important that it has your voice, whether or not it is written by a ghostwriter. This is done over a series of interviews, which are normally four to five hours long.

It is important that deadlines are set, so you need to think about the length of your book and the amount of research that maybe required. On average once the interviews have taken place and you have provided all the information and support, you would be looking at a maximum of 180 days 20,000 to 80,000 words.

Ghostwriting charges vary depending on the amount of research required and include professional editing and proofreading upon the agreed final draft of the book.

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