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I love a great thriller and “When Darkness Falls” delivers in every way! But there’s a twist on the traditional serial killer story: the bad guy is actually a young woman.

Tracy Bennet is a seemingly normal clerk who works at a cosmetics counter in a department store. But Tracy has a terrible secret: she’s made an “art” of murder.

We see the story from Tracey’s POV, which is fascinating and disturbing at once. Her desire to kill, the way she describes it, fantasizes about it, then performs it, is absolutely bone-chilling. Yet there’s something about Tracy that’s hard not to relate to.

This is where Harryman’s skill as a writer comes into play. Tracy is so self-aware, so smart, so cunning – rationalizing her behavior to herself and the reader – that I couldn’t help but like her. Even as I was repulsed by what she does! I was also fascinated by everything I learned about the psychotic mind. The author has obviously done her research!

Full of unexpected plot twists, original characters, natural dialogue, and clean eloquent prose, the book is also believable, which is the hallmark of a great thriller. I won’t look at a cosmetic counter clerk the same way again! Kudos to Kathleen Harryman for an engrossing, disturbing thriller. I can’t wait to tread more of her work!

The fast paced, intriguing plot kept me turning pages as I wanted to know what made this fascinating character, Tracy Bennet, tick. The unassuming, even sweet woman is hiding a dark secret that has literally split her thoughts, actions and who she is- to the point she talks about killing Tracey Bennet. It’s When Darkness Falls she morphs into a sadistic killer, and she’s out for blood- a lot of it. She considers each murder a masterpiece and relishes in the grisly bloodbath. I must admit, at times I second guessed myself, wondering if Bennet was acting alone, or if she was even the killer. That’s a testament to the author’s deftly woven story line and intrigue supporting cast of characters..


When Darkness Falls by Kathleen Harryman is an extremely gripping thriller that will have readers up all night. This psychological murder mystery is uniquely written from the killer’s perspective and will have you making conclusions only to find out that you are oh so very wrong. 

Tracy Bennett seems to be an average young woman. She has a typical and relatively boring job at a store and leads a typical life. Tracy has her own apartment which she shares with the mysterious Lauren. In her free time Tracy hangs out with her tow best friends Susie and Abigal. For as normal and mundane as Tracy’s life is there are things going on that are directly related to her, yet just like everyone else she remains oblivious. 

There is someone terrorizing the city, though the police have prevented an all out panic. This person is suspected to be a large and rather muscular man, the press has named The Slasher. The real Slasher hates this name as they see their murders as artwork. This is the killer’s story and they take great pride in what they do. The killer is extremely aware of how forensic teams work and finds it funny playing mind games with them. The killers is also aware of how society labels them and often debates the characteristics of these traits and personality types. But just who is The Slasher? What makes them choose the seemingly random victims and how will all this affect Tracy?

I don’t know where to start when talking about what I liked best about this book. The perspective this book was written from was refreshing in how unique it was. Even once I figured out what was going on I did not want to accept it and the book always had me second guessing myself. While it may be a little confusing at times it is all explained in the end. What I liked least about this book is that there is not currently a sequel (thought I truly hope Kathleen Harryman writes one). This is one of those books that once you finish it you are left wanting more. 

This book is ideal for adults and young adults who can handle reading graphic descriptions of blood and gore. Other than that there are mentions of a rape but nothing in detail. It could however, potentially give younger readers nightmares. I rate this book 4 out of 4. A word of warning, be careful when you start to read this book because you won't want to stop until its done. There was nothing in this book that I truly did not like and that alone is rare and impressive.

When I saw this book and read the blurb, I just had to read it, and add the fact that it’s set just a forty-five minute drive from where I live, it was a must.

The concept of a murder/psychopath story through the eyes of the perpetrator is an excellent one, and not something that one happens across every day. The narrator, the psychopath, introduces herself in such a calm and calculating way, all but vindicating what she does, the reader just knows they’re in for a treat.

The killer, known as “The Yorkshire Slasher”, introduces herself to her colleagues at the department store in which they work, and the chemistry between Tracy, Abigail and Susie is immediately apparent, only the reader doesn’t know who the slasher is, which is tantalising.

As the story progresses, the bodies mount up, and we almost understand the reasoning behind the murders, yet at the same time are wondering who on earth it is. When it’s finally revealed, it makes sense, and everything falls into place.

When Darkness Falls is compelling and addictive, and a book that’s hard to put down. seldom do I tell myself that I shall read it again soon, but this is one of those occasions, because this is the type of book that the reader will discover more intricacies during a second read. Outstanding!


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