Not everything is what it appears to be...



A Vampwitch Novel


A Paranormal Romance

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Hunted ~ A Vampwitch Novel

Book One

In the end, secrets will kill you...


For twenty-five years, Alice Quinn believed she was your average human, 

that was until a fire demon killed her mother, and her father walked back 

into her life.


As a vampire, being dead is not an acceptable reason for staying out of 

Alice's life.  Forced to accept her heritage and the dormant powers she 

possesses as half-vampire and witch, Alice becomes submerged into a 

world of danger, where deadly forces threaten to strip away her humanity 

or die clinging onto it.


Things wouldn't be that bad, but she's stuck with a ghost who doesn't 

want to be dead, and a grumpy gnome sent by her grandfather from 

Fairyland to spy on her. 


Alpha werewolf Ethan Jefferies has a choice, bring Alice back from the 

Ghost Plane or allow her to die.  Ethan's wolf has its own agenda claiming 

Alice, he binds them together. But Alice wants more - she wants the man too.


For Alice, secrets have a way of killing those she loves.

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Category: Fiction / Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy